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Part of NUS Engineering Design and Innovation Center (EDIC)

What is iDP?

iDP (Innovation & Design Programme) is a multi-disciplinary programme that brings together students from various majors and to develop Design Thinking skills. Throughout the programme, they are given plenty of opportunities to hone this skill through developing solutions that meet the specific needs of a customer. All students will go through a year-long design project that sees the development of various solutions, ranging from satellites that go to space, race cars and even software solutions.


IDEATE 2022 is a 3 day physical ideathon organised by the NUS iDP Students' Club.

IDEATE 2022 implores students to think outside the confines of societal and technological norms. In our current climate in which society places utmost importance on innovation, we are constantly developing new technology to tackle all sorts of problems. As such, this time, students are encouraged to implement technology in innovative ways to create solutions for intangible problems. By solving real-world problems, students are given the impetus to consider the implications of their proposed solutions. Furthermore, IDEATE serves as a platform for creative experiential learning and an opportunity for students to learn to collaborate under less than ideal conditions.

Through IDEATE, we seek to foster a culture of innovation amongst students in Singapore. We hope to engender the drive to innovate and the design thinking skills to see that passion through.

After our 2nd run of IDEATE in 2021, this time around we are going to have:

More Prizes

Fireside chats from young changemakers and startup founders!

Fusion 360 certificates for participants who attended Autodesk Workshop

The opportunity to attend workshops and be mentored by professors and industry professionals

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IDEATE 2022 Co-lead

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